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P.S. You came down on me like the ocean! Ha ha:DD

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 24, 10 3:12 pm

Hi there! No, no, ha ha! I think we may have simply gotten off on the wrong foot. Maybe just a simple misunderstanding:p It's funny, really. But now I'm soooooo curios as to WHICH layout I made the comment about. I remember that probably the 'worst' comment I made about a layout here was that one of them was 'uninspired'. That was the word I used. But I think I smoothed it over a little in the rest of the comment (or tried to, but if the layout was yours then obviously I failed). Will you tell me what the layout was so I can see my comment? I guess I'd better be a little more careful about the say things. I need to work on that. There's always room for self-improvement(: Also, please remember what I said: I would LOVE for you to critique my work-the bitter with sweet:D Personally, that's why I'm here-to improve, learn, share....and make COMMENTS! Ha ha! I collect them ALL (along with WINKS):p

My name is Lana,btw ;-)

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 24, 10 3:08 pm

Also, I know. The approval wait is horrendous now. They used to get through about 30 layouts a day at one point, it was ridiculous. You're lucky for about 2 a week now. Sorry these are in seperate comments, I keep meaning to leave your page and then realise that I haven't responded to some parts of your comment.

Posted by Decode on Aug 24, 10 2:47 pm

I apologise if you misinterpreted what I said, and thank you for the comments on my layouts.

Posted by Decode on Aug 24, 10 2:44 pm

Your comments weren't remotely insulting. I didn't just focus on the negative, I was looking at the one comment on that one layout. I do agree, you have left other more positive comments on my layouts. It isn't the positivity or the negativity of the comments, I can take criticism quite well, I wouldn't be posting them on here otherwise. It's just the fact that you commented on something as if I'd done it recently. It bothered me slightly.
I didn't say you were trying to hurt or offend me, I just think that that one comment seemed a bit inappropriate considering it's 2 1/2 years old.

I don't respond to comments much on this site, I've been here 2 nearly 3 years now and made 700 comments on things, you've been here 2 months and made the same.
I VERY rarely come on here, ever. Before the last comment I left you the time I logged in before that was probably about may. Even before then it was just to check comments etc.

Posted by Decode on Aug 24, 10 2:44 pm

I've just looked back over your work and all of it is really beautiful. I must've made 'one' comment on 'one' layout out of 50 layouts that I loved, and you take it too far.

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 22, 10 8:36 am

I'm sorry for any comments I made regarding your layouts that may have 'insulted' or hurt your feelings. But you put the layouts up there in the public domain. Now, my comments are constructive. You mistakenly took them as 'bitter' and 'insulting'. I'm not trying to 'insult you. I don't even 'know' you. Why would I try to 'hurt' you?? And to what end? Also, I'm pretty sure I've left some positive comments about your work, too, but you've chosen to focus on the negative. And yes, I DO have layouts and graphics that I've submitted WEEKS ago. I can't make these people move any faster; I have to wait around until they get around to looking at it. Either that or go someplace else, which I'm considering doing. But in any event, you are more than welcomed to comment on my work if they ever get around to looking at it and some of it is approved.

Posted by Butterface89 on Aug 22, 10 8:02 am
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