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I am using 1.0. I already have it up... But the thing is that what I put where you are able to type things... well.... everything also shows up on the very bottom of the page.

Posted by Nata-Sha on Feb 11, 10 5:03 pm

Well, are you using profile 2.0 or 1.0?
Because it's coded for 1.0 and if you're using 2.0 then it won't be compatible.

Posted by Decode on Feb 11, 10 8:01 am

Oh my. Lol.. That completly slipped my mind. Sorry for that :D
The layout that I am talking about is "She Lives in a World of Magic"

Posted by Nata-Sha on Feb 10, 10 10:16 pm

Haha, I've made 93 layouts.
You're going to have to be more specific as to which layout you're talking about :)

Posted by Decode on Feb 10, 10 6:44 pm

I really like this...I awnted to see how it would look as my profile page and I put everything I wanted but like where the photo ends I have things showing...Like everything I put. Why is that??

Posted by Nata-Sha on Feb 10, 10 8:16 am
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